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makeup for oily skin by mattify cosmetics, powder for oily skin, foundation, oily skin, products, matte makeup, matte powder, vegan makeup,


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~Makeup for Oily Skin~

Oily skin requires products with built-in oil control.  Mattify! Cosmetics provides makeup for oily skin that contains an oil absorbent kaolin clay base - to continuously soak up oil.  (Kaolin is a natural clay that absorbs an astonishing 3x its weight in oil.) Mattify Powder, Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Highlighter, Blush & Long Lasting Eye Shadow all contain this oil absorbent base to prevent oily skin from ruining your makeup.


In addition, Mattify! Cosmetics carries products to pamper your acne prone, oily skin. Select from Green Tea Exfoliator, Aloe Gel Moisturizer, and Stop-Zit Natural Acne Treatment.

What's the Secret to Creating Long Lasting Makeup on Oily Skin?

1) Apply face primer       

2) Use an oil absorbent setting powder


Our Mattify Transparent Powder for Oily Skin multi-tasks as both! Apply this invisible Powder as primer before foundation, AND after foundation as an oil absorbent setting powder that blurs pores. We offer 3 different versions of  Mattifying Powder for Oily Skin to suit your individual skin care needs:

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Select from Mattify! Original, Sensitive or ULTRA. Each of these 3 formulas work as a clear primer AND setting powder to absorb oil while protecting pores from foundation, and preventing makeup melt down. They can also be used as eye shadow primer. Our transparent powders do not contain any common skin irritants such as Bismuth, Mica, Talc or Pearl Powder.


Click here to see a before & after picture of oily skin with and without Mattify! ULTRA Powder.



Mattify Cosmetics Announcements


New Products



Introducing 5 NEW products for fall!

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Matte Silks: 4 Sultry eye shadows for fall and winter


Stop-Zit: All-natural acne treatment to kill acne bacteria

Introducing Mattify! Cosmetics's

The Exfoliator ~ Facial Scrub for Oily Skin


This nourishing Green Tea, Apricot & Bamboo facial scrub whisks away dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, glowing complexion. Especially good for acne prone skin, The Exfoliator unclogs blocked pores and removes flaky skin surrounding blemishes - allowing your toner and acne medications to fully absorb through the epidermis.

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Mattify! Cosmetic's Incredi-Gel Moisturizer for Oily Skin:

A light weight moisturizer super-charged with the healing properties of Aloe, along with 5 essential oils proven to fight acne bacteria. This ultra light formula absorbs into skin within seconds, giving you a hydrated & refreshed complexion - without oily residue.

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makeup for oily skin, makeup setting spray, waterproof makeup, foundation for oily skin, how to get long lasting makeup, best makeup setting spray, powder for oily skin Makeup Setting Spray - The Secret to Long Lasting Makeup!


 Ben Nye

Makeup Setting Spray


Setting Spray is a must if you have oily skin!


Any type of foundation or makeup (even if it's designed for oily skin) will dissolve when exposed to heat or skin oils. Just a few sprays of Ben Nye Final Seal, and you'll have long lasting makeup that will survive heat, oiliness, humidity, perspiration and swimming.


These come packaged in convenient 5ml purse-size spray bottles that will last for about 20 sprays, or full size 1oz fine mist spray bottles that will last for about 100 sprays.



Click here to buy Ben Nye Final Seal Makeup Setting Spray



contouring bronzer, matte makeup for oily skin, strobing highlighter, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin, strobing powder, matte bronzer, products for oily skin, how to highlight and contour, Highlight and Contour with Mattify Cosmetics Bronzing Powder


best makeup for oily skin, cosmetics for oily skin,matte face powder, mattify powder, natural makeup, vegan makeup, makeup set, mattify cosmetics, light weight foundation, oily skin, foundation Matte Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin by Mattify Cosmetics


Makeup for

Oily Skin



$45 Value only $30



Mattify Tinted Powder Foundation for Oily Skin:

This matte foundation makeup for oily skin allows you to control oil, while also concealing flaws! 



Our tinted formulas contain the same oil absorbing ingredients found in our famous Mattify! Ultra Powder. Used alone (for minimal coverage) or over your favorite liquid foundation (for maximum coverage), this foundation provides a flawless, matte complexion.

Why is Mattify! Tinted the Best Makeup for Oily Skin?

Mattify Tinted Powder is one of the only mineral foundations on the market to be free of skin irritants such as Mica, Bismuth & Talc. These common makeup ingredients can cause itching and breakouts on those with oily skin. Mattify Cosmetic's Tinted Powder is a gentle solution to perfecting oily, acne prone skin.

Even if you prefer liquid foundation, you can still apply Mattify Transparent or Tinted Powder over your makeup. When used with one of these oil absorbent products, liquid foundation lasts 3x longer without fading or streaking. Our loose powders are perfect to use for special occasions where activity, heat or humidity might be a factor. Some of our customers have posted links to us after they discovered how Mattify Products can help them achieve long lasting makeup at:

The Beach




Click here to view Mattify Transparent Powder for Oily Skin

Click here to view Mattify Tinted Powder Makeup for Oily Skin 

Click here to view & purchase Mattify Makeup Set for Oily Skin


Long Lasting Blush, makeup for oily skin, mattify cosmetics, best products for oily skin, peach blush, mineral blush, natural makeup, pink blush, natural looking blush, matte blush Long Lasting Blush


Long Lasting Blush



Oily skin causes most makeup to fade fast. All of our products here at Mattify are designed to absorb excess oil, giving you beautiful results that last through the day.

Long Lasting Blush for oily skin by mattify cosmetics, products for oily skin Mattify Cosmetic's Long Lasting Matte Blush

While many blushes can look streaky, faded or blotchy on oily skin types, our newly introduced Long Lasting Blush has been formulated with the same base as our Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin



Mattify! Cosmetic's blush provides a vibrant, glowing complexion that looks beautiful & stays matte all day, while also absorbing oil.




moisturizing lip gloss, lip gloss pots, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin, products for oily skin, sparkly lip gloss, shiny lip gloss, mac lip gloss dupes, long lasting lip gloss Moisturizing Shiny Lip Gloss Pots



Send a blast of moisture to your lips with this blend of organic almond oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E ~ while adding sheer color and light reflecting shine.





Top Row (Left to Right)

  • The Promotion - sheer shiny brown-beige
  • Whiskey Barrel -sparkling bronze-beige


Bottom Row (Left to Right)

  • Cranberry Glaze - sparkling deep pink
  • Brick House - sheer shiny dark red


Click here to shop Moisturizing Lip Gloss Pots! 



foundation for oily skin, Powder for Oily Skin by mattify cosmetics, matte makeup, oily skin, makeup, cosmetics for oily skin, long lasting makeup, natural makeup, vegan, mineral makeup, products Makeup for Oily Skin

Mattify! Tinted 

Powder Foundation

for Oily Skin 






Mattify Cosmetic's Tinted Powder Makeup for Oily Skin is an oil absorbent mineral powder foundation. Now you can control oil, while also concealing flaws!  Our tinted formulas contain the same oil absorbing ingredients found in our famous Mattify! Ultra Powder. Used alone (for minimal coverage) or over your favorite liquid foundation(for maximum coverage), they provide a flawless & even complexion and a perfectly matte finish.


In 5 easy steps, you'll have glowing, healthy complexion!


Start off by scrubbing with The Exfoliator, then rinse & dry your face with a fluffy towel. Next, apply our Incredi-Gel, an aloe based non-greasy moisturizer for oily skin. Following this, use a brush and apply Mattify ULTRA Powder, to keep skin oil-free for hours. Next, you can follow with Contouring Bronzer and Highlighter to sculpt cheekbones & achieve a fresh natural glow.

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Mattify! Cosmetics is a Cruelty Free Makeup Company.

No Animal Testing! 







Mattify! Cosmetics is also a 95% Vegan Company.

The 3 items we sell which are NOT Vegan are:


Mattify Highlighter

Mattify Iced Apricot Eye Shadow

Mattify Cotton Candy Eye Shadow


These 3 contain carmine, and therefore cannot be considered Vegan.  



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Mattify! Cosmetics Makeup for Oily Skin has Patents Pending on Mattify Ultra Powder, Mattify Sensitive Powder, Mattify Original Powder, Mattify Tinted Powder, and Mattify Bronzer. Any attempt to duplicate, market and / or sell these products unless they are purchased directly from Mattify Cosmetics is a violation of federal law.


Customer safety and satisfaction have always been top priority at Mattify! Cosmetics!

Because certain ingredients may irritate the skin of some individuals, it is important that you do a patch test on the inside of your arm before using the product on broad sections of skin. If no reaction or redness has occurred after 48 hours, your skin is likely tolerant to the product. Should any type of reaction occur, including, but not limited to: redness, rash, pain, or peeling, discontinue use immediately and wash area with soap and water. The product in question may be returned to us, and a store credit will be issued. The products manufactured by Mattify! Cosmetics are composed of natural mineral and/or food grade ingredients. Mattify! Cosmetics tests all items on human volunteers (never animals) for a minimum of 4 weeks before they are released for sale. Mattify! Cosmetics is not responsible for the misuse of products sold on this website, or their affiliate websites.

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