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 Q.  What does "Mattify!" mean?

A:  Mattification is a term used to describe the process of giving skin a shine-free finish - hence the name of our product line "Mattify!"  You may see many brands of foundation and mineral makeup that say "matte" finish on the packaging.  This means that the makeup will not leave you with a shiny or dewy complexion, but rather, with a clean & fresh shine-free finish.  For people with oily skin, it is often very difficult to find matte makeup for oily skin specifically targeted toward that skin type.  Most liquid foundations are geared toward either dry or combination skin. With our line of Mattify! Loose Powder, you can achieve a clean, shine-free look, even if you wear liquid foundation.



Q.  What makes Mattify! Powder different from other mineral veils and transparent powders?


A:  You will find many mineral veils & powders designed to wear under and over foundation ~ but most will include micronized pearl particles, bismuth and mica. These ingredients really don't do anybody's complexion a favor!  They add a sheen to your over-all complexion, giving you the look of excess oil.  These are especially awful ingredients for people with oily skin - the last thing they need is a product to make skin look greasy! Bismuth is a common ingredient in mineral makeup that can cause the skin to itch, while also making it look shiny. Those with VERY dry skin can get away with wearing a pearlized mineral veil, but most of us want to avoid the look of excess shine. Mattify! Loose Powder does not contain any "shiny" ingredients, and will provide you with a clean oil-free finish. 


Also, Mattify Powder is better for your skin than most mineral veils. The pearl particles in many popular mineral formulas can clog and stretch pores, allowing bacteria inside to cause blemishes. The ingredients in Mattify Powder are extremely gentle and finely milled, as to not cause pore expansion.  Mattify! Loose Powder is designed to soak up dirt and oil from your pores, leaving your skin clean and healthy.  


Q.  Can I wear Mattify! Powder under and over Mineral Makeup?


Yes.  Mattify! Powder can be worn under and/or over ANY type of liquid, powder mineral, stick, or mousse foundation.  It will protect your skin from irritation from the ingredients in the foundations, and make pores much less apt to clog.  When used as a primer, the Mattify! Powder will allow foundation to adhere to it, giving you a beautiful finish all day long.



Q.  Will Mattify! Powder turn my skin ghostly white?


A:  No. This formula is completely translucent, allowing your natural skin color to show through. The more you "buff" it into your skin, the more translucent it becomes.  If your skin tone is deep tan or deep black, simply rotate the powder brush in circles on every section of your face to blend completely.  Mattify! for Sensitive Skin works best when applied with a powder brush and may require a bit more blending than Mattify! Ultra or Mattify! Original.  Simply buff in circles until the product is invisible. This powder is even invisible if spilled onto dark clothing. If this occurs, just dust away quickly using back and forth motions.



Q. Why is my face still oily, even after using the

Mattify! Powder?



The ingredients in our line of Mattify! Powders are meant to seek and absorb any form of oil.  If you are using a moisturizer or foundation that is very emollient or contains any form of oil, the Mattify! Powder may be soaking up the oil from your product, rather than the oil from your skin. Try switching to an oil-free product, and remember to use the Mattify! Powder both before and after your foundation. If you use moisturizer or sunscreen, allow it to dry for 10 minutes before applying the Mattify Powder.



Where are Mattify! Cosmetics Manufactured?


The Mattify line of products are made in Reno, Nevada (USA). Most of the ingredients have been mined in the United States, with the exception of some Iron Oxides used in the Tinted Powder, Eye Shadows, Bronzer & Body Shimmer. Some of these Iron Oxides were mined in India.




Q.  Can Mattify! Loose Powder be used on dry skin types?


A:  Yes. As long as you apply moisturizer first, Mattify! Powder can be used either under or over foundation, (but not both) on dry skin.   Allow your moisturizer and/or foundation to dry for about 1 minute, then dust on a light coating of Mattify! Powder.  Those with dry skin can still benefit from its pore-minimizing properties, and its abilities to act as a primer so foundation stays put all day long. However, if your skin is so dry that it is flaky, Mattify Powder should NOT be used.  It will not harm dry skin, but the powder tends to cling to dry spots and accentuate them. 



Q.  Can Mattify! Eye Shadows be used on dry skin types?


A:  Yes!  Although our Eye Shadows contain the original Mattify Powder mixture, they are designed for long lasting wear on ANY skin type and do not accentuate dry areas.  



Q.  How does Mattify! Loose Powder control oil?


A:  The Kaolin clay in the product soaks up 3x its weight in oil.  Therefore, by dusting the formula on before foundation, it will absorb the majority of oil your face produces throughout the day. Our ULTRA formula also contains Silica Spheres for double the oil absorption. When Mattify! is also applied over foundation, it will soak up even more oil for a longer lasting finish.  When you wash your face at the end of the day, the excess oil will be rinsed away and not remain to clog your pores.



Q.  Is Mattify! Loose Powder gentle enough for sensitive skin?


A:  Yes. The Kaolin Clay and Cornstarch are so mild that you could actually eat them - so never worry about applying them to your face!  However, everyone' s skin is different, so if you do happen to experience an allergy to any of our products, just let us know and we will arrange a return.  We've developed Mattify! for Sensitive Skin especially for those with allergies to food based ingredients. The Sensitive Skin formula does not contain Cornstarch or Rice Powder, and is safe for those who experience food allertgies. We pride ourselves on being a bismuth-free makeup company; as that is a common irritant in most mineral powder.



Q.  Will Mattify! Powders and Eye Shadows clog my pores?


A:  No.  Quite the opposite in fact! The Kaolin Clay actually absorbs impurities and oil from your pores as you wear the products.  Upon cleansing your face to remove your makeup, all impurities and oils will be washed from your pores.  By wearing Mattify! products, you are actually cleansing your skin all day long, without doing anything!


Q.  Will the Silica Spheres in Mattify! Ultra and Sensitive clog my pores?


A:  Absolutely not! Silica Spheres and Silicone are commonly confused with eachother.  The two are not interchangeable. Silicone is a popular ingredient in many gel foundation primers, but is harmful to acne prone oily skin.  We do not use any Silicone in our products.  Instead we use silica spheres. 


What’s the difference? Silicone is a man made plastic-like substance that actually smothers the pores and prevents oxygen from circulating.  Acne bacteria thrives in an environment deprived of oxygen.  Silicone traps sebum and dirt in the pores until you wash your face, which in turn causes acne.


Silica Spheres are a naturally occurring component of sand, and are very useful for soaking up skin oil.  Silica Spheres seamlessly glide over the skin, without sinking into the pores to plug them. Skin is free to “breathe” and the bacteria that causes acne is killed when exposed to oxygen. Using a foundation primer, such as Mattify! Ultra and Sensitive actually improves oxygen flow to the pores, thereby decreasing breakouts.


Q.  Do we test on animals?


A:  Of course not! We love our furry friends! Our only guinea pigs are voluntary employees and product testers, who use the product daily for a minimum of 4 months before the products are released to the public.


Q.  Do your products contain fillers?

A:  No. Fillers are used by some companies to increase product volume, without actually adding any benefit. They are unnecessary and ineffective ingredients that allow the seller to make more product volume (and therefore more of a profit) as the products sell to consumers. All ingredients used in our makeup serves a specific purpose - they are not used to simply "fill up space" in the container. 


Q.  Are your eye shadows made only of mica pigment?

A:  No. Many prople refer to loose powder shadow as "pigment", implying that the only 1 ingredient is color. While some companies do sell eyeshadow as pure mica, you will find that such formulas do not adhere to the lids - resulting in fading and streaking.  Our Long Lasting Eye Shadows contain Mattify Original Powder as a base, which acts as a built-in primer. This absorbs excess oil, allowing our shadows to glide on smoothly, and last for hours without creasing.



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Because certain ingredients may irritate the skin of some individuals, it is important that you do a patch test on the inside of your arm before using the product on broad sections of skin. If no reaction or redness has occurred after 48 hours, your skin is likely tolerant to the product. Should any type of reaction occur, including, but not limited to: redness, rash, pain, or peeling, discontinue use immediately and wash area with soap and water. The product in question may be returned to us, and a store credit will be issued. The products manufactured by Mattify! Cosmetics are composed of natural mineral and/or food grade ingredients. Mattify! Cosmetics tests all items on human volunteers (never animals) for a minimum of 4 weeks before they are released for sale. Mattify! Cosmetics is not responsible for the misuse of products sold on this website, or their affiliate websites.


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