Powder for

Oily Skin


Whether you need a little bit of oil control or a lot, Mattify! Cosmetics matte face powder for oily skin provides adjustable oil absorption.  Mattify Transparent Powder can be used as a primer before makeup AND as a setting powder after makeup, for a completely flawless, air-brushed look.


Why mess around with oil-blotting sheets and touch ups with cakey colored face powder?  Let your base cosmetics do the work for you!

 All of our Transparent Powders and Tinted Powders are free of the 3 common skin irritants found in mineral makeup: Bismuth, Pearl Powder and Mica.


Choose From 3 Varieties of Mattify Transparent Powder for Oily Skin:


  • Mattify Original: For Combination Skin
  • Mattify ULTRA: For Oily to Very Oily Skiin
  • Mattify Sensitive: For Those with Topical Food Allergies

4 Ways to Wear Mattify Transparent Powder for Oily Skin


1) Alone - to minimize redness, pores & acne, while also absorbing excess oil

2) Before foundation as primer - to prevent acne & protect pores from make up. Also works wonderfully as an eye shadow primer to prevent creasing. 

3) After foundation - to create an airbrushed poreless finish and long lasting makeup

4) BEFORE and AFTER foundation - for maximum oil absorption, longest lasting makeup & skin clarity


***Mattify! Powder can even be used as an eyeshadow primer to prevent creasing and allow for long lasting eye makeup. Just click on the Powder & Eye Shadow Application tab for more information on usage techniques. 



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Powder  for  Oily Skin



(Regular Size - 30 gram jars)

$7.99 - $12.99

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3-Pack Jar Options

Save more when you buy more!

($18 - $29)


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mattifying face Powder For Oily Skin by mattify cosmetics makeup Matte Powder for Oily Skin 3 Ounce XL Jar




XL Jar Options:







$$ Money Saver! $$

These 3 Ounce Sifter Jars are filled with 4x more powder than our regular size 30 gram jars listed above.  Choose from Mattify Original, Sensitive or Ultra.


FREE Shipping in USA 







Makeup Set

$45 Value - Only $28

FREE  shipping  in  USA


1 Mattify Tinted

1 Mattify ULTRA

1 Mattify Conceal-Zit

Make Your Color Selection Below: 


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 Free Shipping Worldwide




Another secret to long lasting makeup for oily skin?

Makeup setting spray!


Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray allows your makeup to stay in place for hours. It combats high temperatures, water, and humid weather - so your makeup stays looking flawless. A favorite among wedding planners, makeup artists, and celebrities, this setting spray will ensure long lasting makeup.


Setting spray is especially important for people with oily skin, as our skin oils tend to dissolve makeup - leaving you with a sticky, blotchy complexion. When setting spray is applied, facial oil will not ruin your look. 


To use: (apply after all makeup is in place)

Close your eyes and hold spray bottle about 6 inches away from face. Spray 1-2 times, and keep eyes closed for 15 seconds while the product dries.


Ben Nye Final Seal Spray can be used on select areas (eyes, cheeks, nose etc) or applied to the entire face.

***IMPORTANT Note for International Buyers***

1 Ounce Bottle is NOT available for international buyers (except Canada) due to post office regulations regarding liquid products. We apologize for the inconvenience! International buyers can still purchase the small 5 ml bottle.




Eye Shadow Smudge Brush

Use this eye shadow smudge brush to create a smoky eye, or to apply highlighter under the brow bone and at inner corner of eyes. Works great for blending too!




Small White Powder Puff 1.5 Inch

A mini powder puff, sized just right to fit inside any 30 gram jar






Rotating Sifter Top


Rotating Sifter Top for 30g Jars

This rotating sifter top can be placed inside any 30 gram jar, so you can adjust the amount of powder that is released.




Exfoliating Glove


Brighten your complexion & amp up the power of your favorite face wash with this exfoliating glove.  Designed to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, this glove will leave your skin feeling baby soft and smooth.


To Use: Rinse the glove under warm water and dampen face.  Apply your face wash to the glove, and massage into skin using circular motions for approximately 30 seconds. Pay special attention to any areas with clogged pores or flaky skin. Remove glove and rinse / dry face.


Now that excess oil and old skin cells have been removed, you can apply any complimentary skin care products such as toner or anti-acne gel.  Products will now fully absorb into the skin and you will find them to be more effective.

Having a tough time with acne breakouts, inspite of using the right makeup? The products you apply before using  makeup is important too! Click here for information on the best toner for oily skin to prevent acne & control oil.

Reviews of

Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin

Our Mattify! ULTRA Powder is quickly becoming the go-to product for people with oily skin. Here are some reviews from happy customers:



The combination of Mattify Ultra powder and the Ben Nye spray have been such life savers for my face! Usually I would apply makeup in the morning and would look so oily after a few hours. The oil accumulates everywhere on my face, not just around the nose and chin like most people. Even my eye lids and eyebrows get oily! I would have to be so careful to not touch my face by mistake, because my makeup transfers onto my hands. I wear brown eyebrow filler pencil and if I wasn’t vigilant about the no-touch rule, the pencil would smear onto my forehead. How embarrassing!  Now that I use the powder and spray over my foundation, I have no problems. Anyways it feels like I have the oiliest skin on the planet, so thanks for creating this line of makeup for oily skin. Thanks to these products, when I accidentally touch my face, there is no transfer disaster!



This is going to sound unusual, but my face gets so oily, my friends would actually ask if I’ve been working out, because my face looks sweaty. It is absolutely humiliating. No combination of any makeup has ever stopped my face from looking so oily it appears to be wet. Blotting sheets are my best friend, and I go through almost 2 packs every week. The Mattify Ultra is my new best friend! I put the powder on before and after my makeup and get about 2 glorious hours where my face isn’t greasy. I then use 1 blot sheet and put on more of the ultra powder. Then I can go another few hours without blotting or anything! Basically I went from using 2 blotter sheets every hour all day long to using 1 just a few times daily. One pack lasts me almost two weeks now and my friends stopped asking me weird questions about my face.



I have super bad acne and oily skin. My mom would always tell me not to wear makeup, because it would make the acne worse. Going to school is so bad because kids make fun of me and I don’t have any friends and I think its because of all the zits. I started ignoring my moms advice because I need makeup to hide them so I can just feel normal about myself. She bought your mattify ultra powder for me because it said it would stop makeup from causing more breakouts, and it worked! I have used it every day since before Christmas and now have bearly any zits. Thank you so much for making this powder!



MY HOLY GRAIL! Ok, so I saw a ton of other reviews online saying that the Mattify Ultra Powder was their HG product. Since I’ve tried almost every product out there to fix my oily skin, I was about to give up the search. Then I tried the Ultra Powder and my complexion has never looked better. I just love how my makeup looks after I use the Ultra with a powder puff. You can’t see any pores or flaws, it looks like an airbrushed picture. I never ever ever want to be without this powder in my purse and makeup kit at home. MAD LOVE for Mattify Ultra!



I could never get my eye makeup to stay on until I started putting the ultra powder underneath it. Now it lasts all day and doesn’t get lines or creases. It was such a problem that I stopped wearing eyeshadow all together, because it would just migrate underneath my eyes and make me look tired. Using the Ultra first also helps my eye liner stay on. I like the Mattify brand of eye makeup too, because it’s really long lasting and pigmented. These are just amazing products and I’m so happy they exist! They have made my beauty routine so much easier.




Mattify! for a Shine-Free Complexion in Photographs


It’s tough enough to look your best in pictures without having to worry about oily skin. Our Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin blots away any shine without leaving a visible residue - allowing you to have your picture taken in confidence!




I always hated how my face would look greasy in pictures. My friends take pictures all the time and no matter what type of makeup I used it would look disgusting! After I bought the ultra powder it's made a 100% improvement in how I look. I don't have to run and hide now every time someone goes to take a picture.




I’m on the way to becoming a professional wedding photographer.  It’s very difficult to fight shine on clients during my sessions, especially during humid outdoor events where selective (and hot) lighting is used.  Mattify Ultra has become a life saver! We apply it right before the shoot, and I also use it on male clients. Their complexions look airbrushed even before we go through and remove problems with photo editing software. At first I was a bit leery that the powder would cause a whitish cast, but it doesn’t. It just blends invisibly and gives a perfectly matte finish. Thanks to Mattify Cosmetics for making my job a little bit easier!

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