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Powder Highlighter for Oily Skin 

Don’t be afraid to highlight if you have oily skin! The Mattify Cosmetics Strobing Highlighter contains natural ingredients to absorb oil, so you look glowy – not greasy! 

Get that Glow! Powder Highlighter for Oily Skin” ~ Mattify’s Powder Highlighter, featured on beauty blog Click the link to discover 4 ways highlighting can uplift your look! 

        Should I Use Moisturizer on        My Oily Skin? 

You've probably been told repeatedly that you need to moisturize oily skin - but why? Check out this article by Punkmarkgirl on Hub Pages Bellatory to discover why moisturizer is important, and find the best / worst ingredients in moisturizer for oily skin and acne prone skin! The Best Types of Moisturizer for Oily, Acne Prone Skin

                 Hide Those Pores!                      3 Steps to a Flawless Makeup     Look Using Blur Powder 

If you have large pores and oily skin, it can seem impossible to achieve a flawless look with makeup. Foundation often sinks into pores, accentuating and clogging them, while oily skin causes streaking, caking and fading. Here are 3 simple steps to creating flawless makeup, using primer and blurring powder, in combination with a long lasting foundation designed for your skin type. 

Step 1: Apply Primer

Why is Face Primer important to creating a flawless look?


When foundation is applied without primer, it sinks deep into pores and fine lines- rather than skimming over the surface of the skin. This results in a blotchy, patchy, uneven complexion. Primer essentially “fills in the gaps”, allowing foundation to look silky smooth. 

Oily Skin or Combination: Use a Powder Primer (try Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin). Women with oily skin normally have large pores and suffer from acne. Unlike gel primers, powder primer will not clog pores or cause breakouts.  Rather, application of this powder primer actually protects skin from makeup. In addition it absorbs excess oil, to help foundation look smooth and last longer, without creasing or fading. As an added bonus, this specific ULTRA Powder doubles as your Blurring Powder for Step 3 below! 


Dry Skin: Use a Silicone Gel Primer (try Benefit’s Porefessional Primer). 

Dry skin typically has small pores, but many fine lines. Silicone based primers settle into wrinkles, allowing foundation to skim over the top. Since foundation is essentially banned from seeping into fine lines, they become invisible and skin looks beautifully smooth. 

Primer for oily skin, best makeup primer, primer without silicone, powder primer, ultra powder, powder for oily skin, foundation primer, primer, powder primer, cream primer, primer for acne prone ski Best Foundation Makeup Primers: ULTRA Powder Primer for Oily Skin (Mattify Cosmetics) & Porefessional Cream Primer for Dry Skin (Benefit Cosmetics)

Beware! Remember, if you have large pores, it is safer to use powder primer. Silicone (dimethicone) gel based primers sink deep into pores, and are not easy to remove with routine cleansing. If you do use a gel primer, be sure to thoroughly exfoliate during cleansing, as this helps purge pores of sticky silicone. A peel-off charcoal mask is also helpful - (try Shills Black Peel Off Mask). This draws out impurities, before they lodge deeper into pores & cause breakouts. 

  Step 2:  Apply a Long Lasting Foundation 

Selection of long lasting makeup allows foundation to survive the day without fading or rubbing off. This is especially important if you have oily skin, as that skin type tends to dissolve makeup even faster! Drugstore foundations normally last 4-6 hours, while higher end brands can last 6-10 hours.


Which type of foundation is best for my skin type?


Oily Skin or Combination Skin:  These skin types work well with matte powder or liquid foundations that are marketed as: Oil Free / Oil Absorbent / or Matte. Try L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte or Estee Lauder Double Wear.   

Foundation for oily skin, makeup for oily skin, matte makeup, makeup, foundation, long lasting makeup, makeup to hide pores, best drug store makeup, loreal, Best Long Lasting Foundations for Oily Skin: Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation (L’Oreal) & Double Wear Stay-in-Place (Estee Lauder)

Acne Prone Skin: If you suffer from breakouts and blackheads, water based foundations work best, as they are unlikely to clog pores. Stay away from any foundations that feel heavy, waxy or thick.  Try Tarte Cosmetic’s Rainforest of the Sea or Dinair Glamour Foundation. These two formulas are  water-resistant and provide excellent coverage, while feeling feather light on the skin. 

Foundation for oily skin, makeup for oily skin, matte makeup, makeup, foundation, long lasting makeup, makeup to hide pores, makeup for acne prone skin, water based makeup, tarte rainforest of the sea Best Long Lasting Foundations for Acne Prone Skin (water based): Rainforest of the Sea (Tarte) & Glamour Airbrush Makeup (Dinair)

Dry skin:  Dehydrated skin types fare better with moisturizing foundations, marketed as having a dewy / luminous / or moisturizing finish.  Try Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy & Smooth or Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. If your skin is aging and needs a lift, try Estee Lauder Perfectionist. These foundations provide much needed moisture and contain luminizers to brighten up flaky dry skin types. 

Makeup for dry skin, dewy makeup, dewy foundation, how to get makeup to look dewy, hydrating foundation, makeup, foundation, long lasting Best Long Lasting Foundations for Dry Skin: Fit Me Dewy & Smooth (Maybelline), Luminous Silk (Giorgio Armani), & Perfectionist (Estee Lauder)

                                                                                                      Step 3 – Apply Blurring Powder 

What can blur powder do to help my complexion?


This step allows foundation to look truly flawless! Blurring Powder acts as a soft-focus filter, taking any remaining fine lines or pores, and virtually erasing them. It also sets makeup for long wear! 


Oily Skin:  The same Powder Primer you used in Step 1 (Mattify ULTRA Powder) also multi-tasks as an oil-absorbent blurring powder. Using a powder puff, pat the ULTRA Powder over your entire face. Blend in circular motions with a fluffy powder brush, to create a flawless complexion. This invisible powder sets makeup in place for long wear, and absorbs unsightly oil for hours. The product is completely matte and does not contain common irritants to oily skin such as mica, bismuth, or pearl powder. 


Dry Skin:  (try Smashbox Hydrating Powder). Finally, those with dry skin can create a dewy complexion! Using a fluffy powder brush, apply this moisturizing powder in light circular motions until blended. Since the product does have a luminizing sheen, it is best used on dry skin types (because it can make oily skin look oilier). 

Blurring powder for oily skin, makeup for oily skin, how to stop oily skin, oily skin, powder for oily skin, makeup, foundation, blur, blurring,airbrush makeup, ultra powder, setting powder, smashbox Best Blurring Powders: ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin (Mattify Cosmetics) & Moisturizing Powder for Dry Skin (Smashbox) blur powder

Summer Makeup 2016: Metallic Pastels!

It's no surprise that pastels again rule trends for summer makeup looks ~ but these pastels have a bit of an edge!  Slightly metallic pastels will be all the rage for summer eye shadow looks.  While matte pastels can look flat and nearly invisible on many skin tones, hints of sparkling silver and bronze amp up pastel's personality profile!

Long lasting eye shadow, eye makeup, nude, naked, eye shadow swatches, eye shadow, metallic pastels, metallic, sparkly, glitter, mineral makeup, vegan, makeup, natural, Summer Eyeshadow Looks - Metallic Pastels

Dupe the eyeshadow look above using Mattify! Cosmetic's Long Lasting Eye Makeup in:  Summer Storm, Earth Angel & Twilight. If you suffer from oily eyelids & your shadow tends to crease, don't forget to apply Mattify ULTRA Powder first, as an oil absorbent primer.

summer eye makeup looks, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin, pastel eye shadow, metallic pastel eye shadow, sparkly pink eye makeup, rose quartz eye shadow, long lasting eye makeup Metallic Pastel Eyeshadow - Summer 2016 Eye Makeup Looks

Dupe the eyeshadow look above using Mattify! Cosmetic's Long Lasting Eye Makeup in:  Summer Storm, Snow Bunny & Cotton Candy. If you suffer from oily eyelids & your shadow tends to crease, don't forget to apply Mattify ULTRA Powder first, as an oil absorbent primer.

Dupe this navy blue eye shadow look using Mattify Cosmetics Midnight Train on lids, along with black winged liner. Smudge Snow Bunny (sparkling white shadow) on center of lids to create a glistening metallic effect. 

Winter Makeup & Style - Red is In!

Add a pop of red to inspire your winter look. Psychologists have found that red tones inspire energy & passion. Who doesn't need a little more of that duo in their lives?

Spice up your look with red accessories, jewelry, lipstick or hair color.


Pro Tip? Don't go overboard. Stick to 1 tone of red (either bright OR dark), as different shades of red tend to clash. Also, select only 1 or 2 red items, rather than piling it on. Red stands out more as an accent color & looks best worn in small amounts.



Red Lipstick


Red lips look flawless with matte foundation!


Select whichever red lipstick flatters your skin tone (merlot blue-reds for cool skin tones or brighter lush reds for warm skin tones). To achieve a perfectly matte complexion, apply your usual foundation makeup and top with our Mattify Transparent Powder for Oily Skin. Keep eye makeup simple, allowing your perfect pout to become the star.

Change Your Hair Color


If  you want to add some permanent red to your look, try an auburn or cherry red hair color like this shade on Alexandra Breckenridge. Red hair color stands out beautifully when paired with matte foundation.


matte makeup for oily skin, dark red hair color, winter fashion, alexandra breckenridge hair, celebrity makeup looks, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin Dark Red Hair Color - Alexandra Breckenridge

Red Lips + Red Hair


Alexandra also knows how to rock red lipstick! If you're pairing red lips with red hair, just be sure to stay in the same tone range. Use cool reds to go with hair color that has blue undertones, use warm reds to go with hair color that has bright red or orange undertones. Pair with black liquid liner & keep the rest of your makeup simple.

Scroll down for the perfect product to keep red hair looking its best!

matte makeup for oily skin, red plaid, winter fashion, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin Winter Style: Fashion with Kenzie Blog


Incorporate Red into your Wardrobe


Pair red with your usual blacks and greys to brighten up the entire outfit. Wearing red close to your face has been known to increase your confidence levels and approchability.







Keep Red Hair Looking its Best!

Trouble getting your red hair color to stay looking fresh?



Red is notorious for fading fast. To keep your red color vibrant, use a color enhancing treatment like eSalon's Tinted Love in Mahogany. It intensifies the red tones without any damaging peroxide or ammonia.


The Secret is Out!

Pantone Announces Spring/Summer 2015 Colors

Pantone's color picks for Spring and Summer 2015 can't help but get you anxious for trips to the beach and picnics under the sun! We've matched up 7 of our Mattify! Cosmetics Long Lasting Eye Shadow colors with these top choices from Pantone. Take a look!

Spring & Summer Eyeshadow Looks

Summer Eye Makeup Trends for 2015 spark memories of the top reasons we love summer… garden parties, hot summer nights, beach parties & music festivals.  


During summer, you can keep foundation on the lighter side & play up flirty eyes – but don’t forget to mattify! Heat & humidity are experts at destroying makeup. To help prevent an epic melt-down (especially on oily skin), apply Mattify Cosmetic’s ULTRA Powder before eye shadow, and before + after foundation.



Our ULTRA Powder is completely transparent, absorbs excess oil, prevents clogged pores, and helps liquid foundation adhere to the skin. The result? A fresh faced complexion and long lasting makeup.


If you prefer your oil control powder to be tinted, try our Mattify Tinted Powder in Fair/Medium or Medium/Dark. It can be used alone to blur flaws and imperfections, or used over your favorite liquid foundation for added coverage and oil control.

Colorful Eye Liner & Shadow

For daytime spring & summer events, you want your eyes to be bright and vibrant, without looking over done. Use brightly colored pastels on lids or as liner for an eye-catching daytime look. Bright blue and iridescent green are fun colors to play with that go well with denim and a variety of cute sun dresses.


Women with darker skin or a bronzy tan will look great in dark purple liner (try NYX’s Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Fetish).  Any skin tone will be flattered by bright blues & greens. Try Mattify! Cosmetic’s Day Dreamer (bright blue eye shadow) featured by Alanna Oreste on Instagram. Or, you can sweep on some of our Pixie Dust (iridescent green eye shadow) to add a bright pop of color.

blue eye makeup, blue eye shadow, blue eye liner, summer eye makeup, spring eye makeup, long lasting eye makeup, mattify cosmetics makeup, products for oily skin, day dreamer, eye makeup trends Bright Blue Eyeshadow for Summer & Spring
spring and summer eye shadow looks, iridescent mint light green eye makeup, long lasting makeup for oily skin, mattify cosmetics, glittery eye shadow, summer eye shadow Iridescent Green Eye Shadow for Summer & Spring

Double Winged Eye Liner

Going to a semi-formal night time pool party? No need to forego dramatic eye makeup! Winged eye liner is the perfect look for an evening out that will withstand the test of heat, water & humidity. Best of all, it looks great alone, without any complimentary eye shadow. Once dry, it withstands the test of time. Select a waterproof liquid liner like Wet n Wild’s H2O Proof or Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner.

double winged eye liner, summer makeup, spring makeup, summer eyeshadow looks, eyeshadow trends 2015, natural makeup, makeup for oily skin, long lasting eye makeup, waterproof eye makeup, eye liner Double Winged Eye Liner

Natural Eye Makeup

If you need a more natural understated look, apply neutral browns that add depth to the eyes without depositing an overload of color.  Apply medium brown to the crease, and shimmery champagne to lids. Try NYX Glam Shadow in Craving (medium brown eyeshadow) paired with Mattify! Cosmetic’s Earth Angel (shimmery nude eyeshadow).

 summer eye makeup, spring eye makeup, long lasting eye makeup, natural eye makeup, bronze eye shadow, mattify cosmetics makeup, products for oily skin, eye makeup trends Nude / Neutral Eye Shadow Look for Summer

Summer Smoky Eye

If you adore smoky eyes but don’t want to use the same boring black you’ve relied on all winter, switch to a silvery smoky shade. Gun-metal grey will brighten any eye color. It also adds depth to the eyes for a sultry night time look. Mattify’s Summer Storm is a shimmery slate grey that combines the perfect amount of color & sparkle!

silver eye shadow, silver eye makeup, spring eye shadow, summer eye makeup looks, metallic silver eye shadow, summer storm, mattify cosmetics makeup Silver Smoky Eyeshadow Look for Summer

Festival Eye Makeup

During an outdoor music festival you want to wear simple foundation & keep the focus on eyes. This is your chance to really play with different colors! Game of Throne’s Maisie Williams came up with this adorable festival look. To dupe: Apply black liquid eye liner, Sugarpill’s Mint Soda (sparkly green eyeshadow) under eyes at outer corners, and Mattify Cosmetics Amethyst Moon (pastel purple eyeshadow) on lids. 

festival makeup, music festival makeup ideas, Maisie Williams makeup, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin, boho makeup, hippie makeup, summer makeup, spring makeup looks Maisie Williams Eye Makeup - Summer Festival Look

If you want to keep things more on the neutral side, go with black liquid liner, false lashes and a sparkly brown smoky eye. Mattify Cosmetic’s Woodland Fairy provides a deep brown color laced with golden sparkles that creates an amazing smoky eye. Pair with Sugarpill’s jeweled false lashes.  


Click the picture below to check out a video on Music Festival Makeup from You Tube Makeup Guru AlisonLovesJB. We’re loving the reverse winged eye liner!

festival makeup, music festival makeup ideas, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin, boho makeup, hippie makeup, summer makeup, spring makeup looks, alisonlovesjb you tube Summer Makeup Look for Music Festivals by AlisonLovesJB on YouTube
how to get perfect makeup, flawless makeup, makeup for oily skin, mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin, powder for oily skin, makeup tips How to Get Long Lasting Makeup During Hot Summer Months



1) It really is all about that base!

Apply a primer before foundation

Using primer before applying any type of  makeup will allow the products to stay put on your skin. Dry skin types will do well with gel or cream primers such as Tarte's Clean Slate Primer. Oily skin types will require a powder primer that absorbs oil, like our Mattify Cosmetic's ULTRA Powder. Best of all, ULTRA Powder doubles as a setting powder to help foundation stay fresh for hours.



2) Jump right in!

Select waterproof or water-resistant makeup

Look for those words on any type of makeup you purchase for summer. Even if you don't plan to go swimming, this is an important step. Humidity and sweat will cause makeup to smudge and smear. Oily skin makes the problem even worse! Water repellant makeup is much more resistant to any such elements.


3) Ready. Set. Go!

Use a makeup setting spray

A few mists of a setting spray will give any type of makeup (waterproof or not) extra staying power. Try Ben Nye Final Seal, now available on our Mattify website, or Model in a Bottle Setting Spray, to set everything from eyebrows to lipstick in place. This is a must-have item during hot summer months.


Contour & Highlight!

Hats off to summer! Highlighting and contouring can help you achieve the perfet complexion. It minimizes a round face and wide nose, so you can put your best face forward. Add a bit of mascara and bronze eye shadow for a low-maintenance,  glowing summer look! Click here for more instructions on how to highlight and contour your face.

makeup for oily skin, perfectly contoured skin, bronze eye shadow, copper eye shadow, powder for oily skin, summer makeup looks How to use highlighter and contouring bronzer for a warm summer glow!
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