Makeup & Cleansing Tips for Dry Skin 



Dealing with dry skin is a challenge for people who must battle it daily, and tends to affect us all (even oily girls!) during seasonal changes. Here are some tips to keep dry skin soft and supple.



Just because you have dry skin doesn’t mean you don’t need to exfoliate. Exfoliation actually paves the way for healthier skin and allows your moisturizer to work better.  Moisturizer is useless if it only sits on top of dry dead skin cells.  Once these flaky skin cells are removed, moisturizer can get to work, healing your skin from below the surface. For dry skin types, it is recommended to exfoliate only 2-3 times per week.


To begin, wet face with warm water, then gently scrub with a moisturizing exfoliator in circular motions.  Two excellent choices are St Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub or Boscia Smoothing Facial Polish.  Either of these products will remove any dry flakes and stimulate circulation.  Rinse away all granules with mildly warm water and proceed to the cleansing step.



Splash some warm water onto your face, and apply a creamy cleanser, again using circular motions.  Cetaphil makes excellent products for dry skin - they all form a moisturizing lather that really pampers thirsty skin.  Clarins also makes a wonderful rich cleanser called Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream to lift makeup and impurities without stripping skin of moisture. Avoid washes with harsh chemicals like triclosan and salicylic acid, and never use regular bar soap such as Dial or Zest.  Once all of the cleanser is rinsed away, pat dry with a soft towel (don't rub) so that your skin still feels slightly damp.  Immediately apply moisture in gentle circular motions.




Always look for a moisturizer that contains glycerin and/or hyaluronic acid.  These two ingredients actually pull moisture towards the skin, keeping it hydrated all day and night.  Another good choice is a petroleum based moisturizer, as these retain moisture already present in your skin. Rub the moisturizer into your skin gently, and using circular motions for the most effective hydration. 


A few excellent moisturizers to try are:   Absolute Night by Lancome, which contains glycerin, wild yam extract, sea algae, and soy – all of which contribute to retaining moisture.  Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream contains petroleum and glycerin for maximum moisture retention. La Mer Cream - a very high-end moisturizer - is one of the best on the market.  It's ingredients provide complete hydration, leaving skin with a healthy, plump glow

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