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If the correct makeup for oily skin is not used, foundation will fade fast and litterally melt away. Here we will list the best types and brands of makeup for oily skin to keep your complexion looking fresh and matte.



Step 1: Exfoliate the skin for a fresh, soft start before applying makeup. Splash face with warm water and use an exfoliator such as St Ives Apricot Scrub or Mattify! Cosmetic's The Exfoliator.


Rub in circles all over the face, concentrating on chin, cheeks, forehead and sides of nose, where dead skin is most likely to accumulate. Rinse thoroughly and then dry vigorously with a fluffy towel.





Step 2: Apply a good toner using a cotton ball or cotton square. Proactive Toner is the best toner for oily skin, as it balances the PH level so your skin is not stripped completely of moisture. Toner disinfects pores and then seals them, to help prevent makeup and dirt from clogging inside. Avoid applying any toners which contain alcohol, as alcohol strips skin of all moisture and actually seals pores so tightly that dirt gets trapped inside. If you prefer an all natural toner, try using Apple Cider Vinegar, which acts as an amazingly effective toner for oily skin

(If you normally apply a moisturizer, do so after the toner has dried. Be sure to select a light-weight gel moisturizer specifically designed for oily skin).




Step 3: Apply Milk of Magnesia to control your oily skin.












(Yes, many people will say this is a crazy suggestion, but for people with extraordinarily oily skin it works!) The Magnesium in this product is highly effective at absorbing oil. Dip the top of a cotton ball into Milk of Magnesia, original formula, unflavored. Swipe the cotton ball over your T-Zone (nose, forehead, cheeks & chin) so that just a nearly transparent layer of wetness can be seen. You don’t need to use much. Allow to dry completely for about 3 minutes before  moving to the next step.



Step 4: Apply an oil absorbing powder primer, using a fluffy powder brush. Mattify! ULTRA Powder by Mattify! Cosmetics is the best primer for oily skin because it absorbs oil, and further prevents any makeup from lodging in pores, which can cause breakouts. Dust it on over your entire face, including eye lids, as it will help act as a primer for crease-free eye shadow. You can purchase this at


Whatever you do, NEVER select a primer that contains silicone, unless you have dry skin! Silicone gel burrows deep into pores, trapping oil and bacteria. This can lead to acne breakouts, and even worse, to cystic acne breakouts.



Step 5: Spot apply concealer on any areas you need to hide; such as freckles, dark under eye circles & acne. Two of the best brands are L’Oreal's Mineral Concealer & Cover Girl's Invisible Concealer. Dot concealer onto dark areas or acne spots and gently blend outwards with concealer brush or finger tip. Avoid oil-based items, as these will clog pores.



Step 6:  Apply a matte foundation for oily skin. This can be applied using a foundation brush, or fingers. Dab a bit of foundation on cheeks, chin, and nose, then blend using downward motions. Repeat this process on forehead, but blend upwards toward the hair line. If using mineral foundation, blend into skin using Kabuki Brush in circular motions. Here is a list of quality makeup for oily skin:


(Liquid Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin)


(Mineral Makeup for Oily Skin)




Step 7:  Apply finishing powder for oily skin to set makeup and absorb oil. Using a fluffy powder brush, apply another dusting of the Mattify! Powder for Oily Skin - just like you did in Step 4 above. You can also use a powder puff, for more concentrated oil control. Press (don't rub) the puff onto skin and roll back & forth until the powder goes from white to transparent.


If you normally use a colored setting powder, apply the Mattify! first, then your regular colored powder. The Mattify! Powder will ensure a matte look, and provides 5 times more oil control than regular face powder alone.


Voila! You now have long lasting makeup for oily skin. Keep a jar of the Transparent Mattify Powder with you for touch-ups throughout the day, to keep skin matte. If your skin starts to get oily, you can use an oil blot sheet & apply more Mattify Powder - it won't disturb your makeup. Since the product is translucent, it will not look heavy or add unwanted color when applied repeatedly.


Check out the Beauty Blog "Thank Your Skin", providing skin care tips for oily skin & acne prone skin!


<---- Click here to read their article 6 Easy Things You Can do to Get Rid of Oily Skin 




Additional Tips for Creating

Matte Makeup for Oily Skin  

  • If you are leery of applying the Milk of Magnesia to your skin, this step can be skipped. People with exceedingly oily skin will find it to be very helpful in keeping a matte complexion. Unless you have a sensitivity to Magnesium, it should be harmless to your skin and not cause breakouts or clog pores.


  • Be sure to avoid any type of face powder or foundation that contains mica, bismuth, or pearl powder. These are all reflective ingredients that will cause your face to look glittery and shiny, rather than matte. The Mattify! Powder for oily skin (suggested above) is 100% Matte, and does not contain any reflective ingredients. Pearlescent ingredients are best suited to eye shadow and lip products, where you actually want a little bit of sparkle.


  • Complete all of the steps above before applying eye liner, mascara & lipstick. Doing so will prevent any oil absorbing powder from sticking to your eyes or lips.


  • A matte complexion doesn’t have to be boring! Spice it up with sparkling, vibrant lips and shimmery eye shadow.


  • If you would like even more staying power for your makeup, use a makeup setting spray such as Model in a Bottle or Ben Nye Setting Spray. Mist this on after you have applied all of your makeup for a smudge free finish that lasts 8-10 hours. (See below for more information on the importance of using a setting spray to achieve long lasting makeup, even on oily skin!)


Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different, so some people may react differently to various ingredients. However, all of the items suggested are oil free and suitable for acne prone, oily skin. If you have sensitive skin it is always best to test for a couple of days on a small inconspicuous area near the hair line, in case you have a reaction.



         Tip #1 for Long Lasting Makeup:           Use a Makeup Setting Spray 

In combination with using Mattify ULTRA Powder as an oil absorbent primer & setting powder, Makeup Setting Spray will achieve maximum longevity for your finished look. Skin oil is notorious for dissolving foundation, leaving you with a sticky & oily mess - especially during hot, humid summer weather.


So how do celebrities get long lasting makeup when they’re on set? Their makeup artists use a setting spray. How to some women manage to look flawless at the beach or pool? You guessed it – they use makeup setting spray.


This is an all-important step in any makeup routine,  if you have oily skin or will be exposed to overly hot temperatures or damp environments.


These 3 elements can dissolve makeup within minutes:


     1)      Extreme Heat
     2)      Sebum (facial oil)
     3)      Water or Perspiration

Setting spray forms a light barrier over your face, ensuring that these makeup busters won’t ruin your look. Some quality makeup setting sprays on the market include: Model in a Bottle, Urban Decay All Nighter, Ben Nye Final Seal, and Skindinavia No More Shine.


If you have oily skin, just be sure to avoid any setting spray labeled “dewy” or “water-based” which will cause your makeup to look sticky.


You can purchase a convenient purse-size container of Ben Nye Final Seal on our Mattify Cosmetics website for $5.50.  It's a great way to test the product to see if setting spray will work for you! Visit our Powder & Shadow Application page to find more information on how to apply setting spray in combination with your favorite makeup.




      Tip #2 for Long Lasting Makeup:      Bake or "Cook" Your Makeup


Heidi Hamoud's You Tube video on How to Bake or “Cook” Your Makeup has become widely popular within the last year & even made an appearance on!  There’s a reason this technique has acquired so much fame; it works amazingly well to provide long lasting, flawless makeup. This technique was also made popular by celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, who has proven time and again that cooking your makeup allows it to stay in place, even when exposed to hot studio lights. 






If you have oily skin, you’re already aware of the daily battle to keep foundation in place. It feels damp after a few hours, and smudges uncontrollably. The makeup baking technique allows powder to absorb into foundation & concealer – so when oil begins to surface, the powder can act as a first line of defense for absorption. Instead of penetrating foundation, oil absorbs into the powder, giving you much longer wear. 






Our Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin is the perfect matte powder for baking your makeup. This translucent oil control formula absorbs 3x its weight in oil, to keep your foundation looking freshly applied for hours. See below for instructions on how to cook your makeup using Mattify ULTRA! 

You can apply the ULTRA Powder to select areas where you tend to get shiny, or to your entire face, using an angled brush or thin powder puff. Be sure to let it sit for 10-15 minutes before blending! This allows the heat from your skin to "bake" (or melt) the foundation, allowing the powder to sink in. Once the powder has partially dissolved into your makeup, it stays there to help combat oil for hours. 


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