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Bronzer & Highlighter can completely transform your look!

Slim areas of your face that you would rather downplay with application of our Contouring Bronzer. Add a fresh glow to your best features by brightening certain areas of your face, using our Strobing Highlighter.

Mattify Contouring Bronzer & Strobing Highlighter are semi-transparent and highly blendable. This is the perfect combo to contour and slim your face, creating a stunning complexion! We're now selling these in a package deal: 2 for $14. Alternately, you can use our Highlighter alone to create the strobing effect, for a natural glow (see tutorial below).

Mattify Sparkling Bronzer looks beautiful when dusted onto shoulders and decollete, to create a gorgeous faux tan. You can also try adding our Highlighter and Sparkling Bronzer to your favorite lotion for an all-over glow!

Our Bronzers and Highlighters are formulated with the same oil-absorbent base as our Mattify Original Loose Powder. This means they have excellent staying power, do not contain Bismuth or Talc, and help control excess oil.


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Swatches & Instructions



best bronzer for contouring, matte bronzer, matte face powder, highlighter, how to apply bronzer and highlighter, makeup for oily skin, mattify cosmetics, matte bronzer powder, long lasting makeup Swatches of Contouring Matte Bronzer by Mattify Cosmetics
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sparkly bronzer, how to apply bronzer and highlighter, how to contour face, makeup for oily skin, mattify cosmetics, matte bronzer powder, picture of bronzer Swatches of Mattify Cosmetics Sparkling Bronzer


Instructions: How to Contour Your Face




How to Apply Mattify Contouring Bronzer & Highlighter



  • Apply your foundation as usual
  • If you have oily skin, apply our Mattify ULTRA Powder for shine control


          Using a flat powder puff, or a small tapered brush:  

  • Apply Mattify Contouring Bronzer to brown shaded areas above 
  • Apply Mattify Highlighter to white shaded areas above 


Winter Glow!


Don't ditch your bronzer just because its winter!




Colder temperatures tend to make skin look sallow and washed out. Amp up your glow factor by placing bronzer under cheekbones, and along sides of nose.



Dab some highlighter onto key areas of the chin, forehead, and tip of nose to add brightness.



Choose a cheerful berry lipcolor to compliment your new glowy, warm complexion.

Summer Glow!

Most celebrity makeup artists are experts at highlighting & contouring. It can make a tremendous difference in the shape and dimensions of your face. Don’t believe us? Take a picture of yourself with and without contouring – you will be AMAZED at the difference! 


Wide nose? Sweep bronzer down each side of nose, and add shimmer to center of nose for instantly slimming results.


Round face? Apply bronzer along sides of face above jaw bone to give the illusion of high cheekbones and a more slender silhouette. 


Light, medium & dark skin tones can benefit from using bronzer, highlighter and blush. Those with very dark skin tones normally need to use only highlighter and blush to create a gorgeous glow.


                                           *Glow with beauty, not with oil* 

If you tend to shy away from highlighter because you're afraid it will make your skin look shiny, don't forget to use Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin before contouring & highlighting! This transparent blend continuously absorbs oil, to provide a fresh, long lasting look. 

     Strobing Technique: How to do Strobing for a Natural Glow

Strobing is quickly taking the makeup world by storm as the newest beauty trend. While it isn’t really a “new” idea (it’s simply highlighting key areas of the face, without using bronzer in addition), strobing certainly gives you a vibrant natural glow.


If you don’t have time to both contour and highlight, simply dab our Mattify Highlighter on the areas in white on this map below. Strobing brightens areas of the face where shadows can cause the complexion to look dull.


Highlighter / Strobing Map

how to strobe, what is strobing, how to strobe using highlighter, is strobing the same as highlighting, how to do strobing, strobing map, glowing complexion, mattify cosmetics,how to apply highlighter Follow this map for how to apply highlighter using the strobing method

Strobing Makeup Technique

For a healthy glow, apply highlighter to the key areas above, then apply blush. This technique provides a natural looking complexion, without added step of bronzer.

how to do strobing, how to apply highlighter, are strobing and highlighting the same, where to apply highlighter, strobing tutorial, strobing before and after, what is strobing, glowing skin Use strobing to create a natural glow

For a full description of the new strobing technique of  highlighting, check out this HUB pages article that suggests Mattify Cosmetic's Powder Highlighter for strobing on oily skin!



**You can even transform Mattify! Sparkling Bronzer & Highlighter into lip gloss or nail polish!  For tips on how to use the products as gloss or polish, click here!




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Packages shipped within the USA typically take 3-6 business days to arrive. Packages shipped internationally take 14-21 business days to arrive. For more purchasing & shipping FAQs, please click here.



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Powder Highlighter for Strobing Makeup Technique by Mattify Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

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